Growing demand, rising prices, low interest and credit rates, high construction activity are the most important characteristics of the Bulgarian residential market current situation as of 2018 start. Last few years favorable economic and financial indicators create a good environment for the development of residential construction related industries. It is a fact that more and more demanding and well informed buyers are in search for maximum value for the price they are ready to pay, which sets new rules positively developing the housing product. On the other hand, the growing demand resulting from developers' investment activity creates prerequisites to balance the market and the prices setting up new conditions for business. Additionally, a stronger and stronger urbanization process brings up the big cities challenges, creates needs and is a subject of new urban and legislative procedures which in turn influences the environment and sets up certain rules for residential zones development - a factor with an impact on residential projects conceptualization and planning processes.
Investments and Construction of Residential Buildings 2018 annual conference provided a platform for leading professionals in the investment and construction sector to discuss the most important factors and processes related to the current and future development of the Bulgarian residential market.
- Changes in the legal framework and key moments of the Municipality of Sofia Planning and Development Act (ZUZSO) in the context of the development of residential areas
- Trends and Challenges in Planning the Contemporary Residential Environment
- Challenges to the Modern Residential Architecture worldwide and in Bulgaria
- Residential buildings, people and the urban environment
THE MARKET: Home Market 2018: Search, Offering, Prices
- What are the demographic, economic, financial and socio-factors that will shape the market environment in 2018?
- What are the key features of successful residential areas?
- Search: What questions does the „informed buyer“ ask?
- Offering: Modern residential projects in 2018 - new concepts for a better lifestyle.
THE PRODUCT: Residential Architecture, Design and Technology 2018
- How does modern residential architecture meet market demand - from residential buildings to residential environment and lifestyle? International and Local Trends 2018. The viewpoint of Leading Architects
- Technological and innovative building solutions for a better living environment - comfort, safety, energy efficiency and durability.
- Increasing the value of the residential product by applying a modern approach to interior design.
- Applying new standards according to the completion status of the new buildings in Bulgaria- advantages and challenges 


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